Background, Vision, Objectives


The Oẏateki Partnership is a collaboration between the Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI), the Mastercard Foundation, the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT), and the University of Saskatchewan (USask) that will support 32,000 First Nations and Métis youth on their path to post-secondary education over the next five years.

Mastercard Foundation

Gabriel Dumont Institute

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies


On an individual level, the Oẏateki Partnership seeks to improve levels of self-determination among Indigenous young people in Saskatchewan by increasing their engagement with post-secondary schooling and improving educational attainment and labour market outcomes. Achieving these short-term results will positively and meaningfully contribute to the overall ‘holistic’ health, wellbeing, and socio-economic impacts for Indigenous individuals, families, and communities that will be felt in society.


The Oẏateki Partnership builds on a history of collaboration across the three partner institutions, the unique strengths and relationships that each institution holds, and a strong desire to create a more dynamic, integrated, ‘wholistic’, and responsive education system that meets the needs of Indigenous youth.

The outcomes of the partnership are ambitious and targeted.

  1. Support successful transitions to post-secondary for Indigenous youth.
  2. Increase positive outcomes for Indigenous learners while at post-secondary.
  3. Support successful transitions from post-secondary into meaningful careers and work for Indigenous youth
  4. Strengthen coordination, communication, and integration of the post-secondary and employment systems for Indigenous youth.

These outcomes will drive all activities and ensure the development of a truly inclusive system.

Oẏateki is a Dakota concept meaning all people together and leaving no people behind